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Covid-19 information  Physiotherapy appointments              *updated 29.08.2021

We take the safety of our students and staff seriously. The following is a summary of the safety measures that have been put in place for the autumn term. These will be reviewed weekly, in line with the guidelines from our regulatory bodies.


First appointments will be conducted both remotely via a telehealth/video appointment and face to face depending on student need and appointment availability. Within this appointment the physiotherapist will discuss whether face to face appointments will be appropriate for future visits or whether it is more appropriate to continue treatment via video. In line with our professional guidelines, we offer remote treatment as the first option because this is the safest means of receiving physiotherapy. 

Full PPE (gloves, masks, visor, apron) will be worn by the physiotherapist for all face to face appointments. This is a condition of us being allowed to practice and cannot be altered.

Student's temperature will be taken upon entry to the physiotherapy rooms. Temperatures of 37.8 degrees or more will be sent to the covid isolation room and reported to the college covid-officers for advice on college policy regarding going home/undergo covid-19 testing.

Students must wear face coverings at all times whilst in the physiotherapy rooms unless you are specifically asked to remove it. If you have a reason why you can’t wear a mask, this must be discussed with your physiotherapist in the initial telehealth/video appointment. For students with impaired hearing who need to lip read, telehealth/video appointments will be made where possible with additional time as required. Our new exercise prescription app will assist with communication and any additional supportive documentation can be forwarded via email. We also have assistive technology to help with verbal communication (live transcribe app). Please email Nicola ( if you have any concerns about accessing physiotherapy services especially with additional needs. We are committed to making our services accessible to all students.

Hand gel will be provided and must be used on entry and exit to the physiotherapy rooms.

Payments should be made via card (ideally contactless) or bank transfer. Payment must be made on attendance or immediately before telehealth/video sessions via bank transfer.

You must complete a Covid-19 screen form before your face to face physiotherapy appointment. This is a condition of us being able to practice and it cannot be altered. Failure to complete the form will result in you not being able to see the physiotherapist and you may be charged for the appointment.The form can be accessed below:


Face to face appointments will be limited to 20 mins in the physiotherapy rooms. This is to minimise contact time and allow time for necessary cleaning and ventilation of rooms between use. This is a condition of us being allowed to practice relating to Covid-19 procedures and cannot be altered. Students will receive exercises, injury notes and advice via our app which will be sent out following the appointment, in order to maximise the use of the “hands-on time” during the physical appointment.


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