Conditions-Performers Physiotherapy

The main reason that people seek advice from a Physiotherapist is the presence of pain somewhere in the body. This pain may be associated with:

  • Joint Problems     e.g. arthritic complaints
  • Spinal Problems   e.g. sciatica, lifting injuries
  • Recent Surgery    e.g. joint replacements, spinal surgery
  • Sports Injuries      e.g. pulled muscles, sprained ligaments
  • Dance Injuries      e.g. muscle imbalance problems
  • Women's Health   e.g. pregnancy related issues 
  • Other Conditions   e.g. whiplash, RSI

Research has shown that early intervention may aid the recovery of these problems. However, even if you have been suffering for years, Physiotherapy can help change habits, improve posture and fitness, and address muscle imbalances which may in turn reduce pain.

Chartered Physiotherapists undergo a broad based training covering all the different systems of the body and are therefore able to assess whether symptoms are of a more serious cause and will advice on the best course of action. If, in the unlikely event that we feel Physiotherapy is unable to help, we will advice you as to the best course of action.

At Performers Physiotherapy we have excellent links with both local GPs and consultants. We also have access to specialist dance and sports medicine consultants if the need arises.

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