Treatments-Performers Physiotherapy


Before you receive any treatment or advice, we will discuss your condition with you and then carefully examine the area and nature of your problem. You may be required to remove outer layers of your clothing so the problem can be assessed accurately. From there we can decide whether physiotherapy is appropriate and then formulate a treatment programme tailored to your needs.

A full assessment with treatment plan takes approx. 45 minutes.



Follow up treatment sessions, after the initial assessment take approx. 30 minutes. We use a variety of treatment methods depending on your problem, which may include exercises, manipulation, mobilisations, massage, Pilates, acupuncture for pain relief and electrotherapy modalities such as ultrasound or TENS. We also give advice on posture, work station set-up, when to rest/exercise and how to cope with both acute and chronic pain.

A telephone call can often establish whether your condition can be helped by physiotherapy.

If you do require any further investigations such as X-ray, MRI scanning or injection therapy, we will be able to advice you as to how this can be best arranged.


Initial assessment  47

Follow up sessions 37 


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