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* Due to Covid-19 restrictions - all Pilates classes are running via ZOOM

Pilates is a form of exercise originally developed in the 1920s by a German Immigrant called Joseph Pilates. The exercises work on the often neglected deep abdominal and trunk muscles responsible for balance and strength.


Initially the technique was taken up by professional dance companies, who have used it ever since. Recently media coverage and the endorsement of Hollywood stars has increased the popularity of this exercise method and Pilates is no longer the exclusive secret of the rich and famous.Chartered physiotherapists have been using core stability / Pilates exercises for many years, particularly in the management of back pain. Research has shown that a strong core centre of muscles, (trunk and abdomen), can help prevent further injury. The exercises are slow and controlled, do not require great flexibility to begin with and are suitable for people of all ages and abilities, from the couch potato to the professional athlete.

All our physiotherapists are trained in Clinical Pilates which means that exercises are always tailored to each individual person to ensure personal goals are achieved.


Who is Pilates for?

 People recovering from injury

 Especially useful following back or spinal problems

 People wishing to improve their sporting performance or technique

 People wanting to flatten their stomachs!

 Anyone who wants to improve their coordination and balance

 Particuarly useful during and after pregnancy

How does it work?

By targeting the muscles of the deep abdomen and trunk, the exercises enable you to gain a greater awareness of your own body. Your posture should improve and your movement become naturally more efficient.

The exercises are slow and controlled, not cardiovascular so Pilates will not improve your fitness, but it will improve your general well being, without leaving you out of breath.


What equipment is used?

No special equipment is necessary for anyone to begin with, as both classes and individual Pilates sessions will begin with mat-work. However, if you wish to progress things further or are working on a particular problem or sport, advanced sessions including reformer and trapeze table work can be arranged.

Class Details

Classes are arranged for groups of up to 6 people to ensure close supervision of the exercises and ability to receive correction and guidance. The classes are ideal for all stages beginners to the more advanced.

Prices (from September 2014)

Pilates Classes    - 14.00 per session (1hour)   68 for 6 sessions

Pilates one to one sessions - 45 per 45 minutes   

* All classes and one-to-one Pilates are conducted via ZOOM                                                    





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