FAQ-Performers Physiotherapy

Do you have waiting lists?

No. We may be able to see you on the day of your call and if not, we’ll usually be able to give you an appointment within a day or two, unless you have time restrictions of your own. First appointments at present MUST be carried out remotely and covid-19 screening forms must be completed before any face to face consultation can take place. 

Do I need to be referred to the clinic by my doctor?

Not necessarily, although this is usually required if you want to claim your fees back through your medical insurance company.

What happens if I have Private Medical insurance?

You will need to contact your insurers to check their requirements. Most private medical insurance companies will ask you to see your GP before starting physiotherapy, and they may specify a limit of cover or a particular time frame. If you can provide us with all the necessary details of insurance company, membership numbers and any other details such as claim numbers or preauthorisation numbers at your first visit we can bill the insurance company directly for the cost of your treatment. Alternatively, you can choose to pay us directly and claim the money back from your insurers. Insured patients will be billed at our full rate. Student discount is only available to students paying on attendance / immediately after ZOOM consultation via BACS.

What are your prices?
Students paying on attendance/via BACS immediately after Telehealth session - £35 per session (all appointments are the same flat rate)
Insured patients requiring us to bill insurers direct - 
 £45 per session (all appointments are the same flat rate)
BUPA patients  - please note that we do not deal with BUPA or AXA PPP direct

Do you accept credit cards?

All payments must be paid via card or BACS on or before attendance. 

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