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August 2020
Nicola has been nominated for The One Dance UK Awards 2020. The ODUK awards are an annual celebration for people from across the dance sector to unite, celebrate, acknowledge and reward the people who have made an impact on the vibrant UK dance landscape! For more details see here:

October 2019
Nicola & Matt's paper investigating the aerobic demands of singing and dancing at the same time has been accepted for publication - watch this space!  #inpress


One Dance UK Annual Conference - November 2018 
Nicola presented a workshop with two colleagues from other dance genre's (Classical Ballet and Classical Indian Dance) on Body conditioning and supplementary training.


IADMS Conference 2018 - Helsinki, Finland (October 2018)

icola and Amanda presented a workshop on Shin Pain at this international dance medicine conference and Nicola was a finalist in the infographic competition with an infographic on managing shin pain in the studio. Nicola presented the results of the pilot study into Musical Theatre dancer fitness which was carried out in February this year.


Fitness study in Collaboration with University of Wolverhampton

Feb 2018 - Matt Wyon (IADMS president and research fellow at Uni of Wolverhampton) spent 2 days working with Nicola and the third year students, collecting data relating to fitness testing. This is a pilot study looking at the aerobic demands of singing and dancing at the same time, in comparision with dancing alone. We hope to be able to present this work internationally later this year.


VASTA Conference 2014

Nicola has been invited to present her work with Gary Galbraith (Dancer Wellness Project) at VASTA - the international voice conference in London, in August this year. The following is a brief summary of her session - see for more details. Nicola Will also be presenting this exciting work to IADMS in Basel, Switzerland in October 2014.

“Development of a Vocal Injury Risk Screen and Presentation of First Year Results using the Dancer Wellness Project”

Nicola Stephens and Gary Galbraith

Historically, healthcare for performers is poor and there is little emphasis on care of the voice, particularly in preventing vocal injury. With musical theatre becoming an increasingly popular art form and the rise of shows such as X-Factor & The Voice, vocal screening is becoming more necessary to prevent injury. Performers College has created a vocal injury risk screening tool. This lecture session will explain how the tool was developed, highlighting the evidence that was used to create the specific questions asked and tests used.


Dancer Wellness Project - September 5th, 2013 

Exciting news at Performers Physiotherapy: Our affiliation with the Dancer Wellness Project is now complete and we are preparing to use this fabulous computer system to screen all the new first years at Performers College who are starting their course next week. This project will allow us to screen for injury risk and implement appropriate interventions to minimise these risks, enabling our students to get the most out of their training.

This screen is not just for dance, but also for the voice.  This is the first time this has been done to our knowledge on this scale, in the world. Performers Physiotherapy are leading the way. Watch this space for updates. Exciting times...



Nicola will be leading a seminar session on how to create a healthy eating policy in your dance school / college / company on behalf of Dance UK at the dance teachers convention at “MOVE IT” on Sunday 10th March 2013. For further details please follow the link below:


IADMS 2012

Nicola has been invited to present the results of her Masters Degree Research on “laterality in dancers” at the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science’s annual conference in Singapore.  For more details follow the link below:

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